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blah blah blah   
11:53pm 22/10/2003
mood: content
I went on the best date Ive ever been on tonight. It was my idea of a date... no strings attached, just a good time. I hate feeling like I "owe" a guy when he takes me out. Like he buys me dinner and I have to return the favor in other ways... no thanks. Mike is really cool and we have a lot in common... I feel like he wants to get to know the real me and isnt just looking for a girlfriend. Yeah so im happy.

We didnt win the powerball though. Who woulda thought? Maybe next time...

The boy I have a crush on called me a blonde bombshell :) hes so cute... I wish he would come back to visit! Im having a good day.
09:16pm 21/10/2003
mood: relieved
Today was a good day. Actually it was a great day. I found out some news that was so incredibly relieving. Now we all can relax...

It was nice having a day off. I feel so lazy though...
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01:20am 21/10/2003
  gotta get Seattle Boy outta my head....

I went out with Lindsey, Mia, Jess and Sean tonight. I havent seen them in awhile. Especially Sean its been almost a year... hes so cute.

I bought a new necklace today at Divaz. I love it.

Jenny I love you so much. You are my pinchy. :)
09:55pm 18/10/2003
  I had a good night last night. I want to move to Seattle more than ever now.

Melanie and I hung out last night with her friends from Seattle. We went to see them play at Jugheads and then partied til the wee hours of the morning. We are (hopefully) going to visit them in January but we will see. I will have to wear warm clothes for once.

I love boys :)
11:02pm 12/10/2003
  I am so f***ing tired right now. I talked for 1.5 hours to my partner in psych about... god who knows. All I know is I want to sleep.

I had so much fun last night. Tim and I had a conversation about poop. I dont really remember what was said all I know is I couldnt stop laughing! And I woke up at 4am with a bad hangover but Im good now. :)

I am so excited for Felix's pirate haunted house. A bunch of my friends want to be in it. RRR matey! I want to be the one to walk the plank...

It was so good to talk to Jaden today. I absolutely love that kid. I wish he would call me more often!
11:11am 09/10/2003
  andy whats your email address? I need to send you something funny...  
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01:09pm 08/10/2003
  Im on campus right now. I feel sooo sick. I want to go home but I have a geography lab in an hour. :(

Ok... so I wanted to find a swing club to go to this weekend. We are learning all these cool dance moves in class and I wanted to go try them out. So I rememeber seeing this one in the paper called Guys & Dolls and I decided to look it up on the internet. I got directions and was totally going to go on friday night. Then I decided to look into more detail about it. Yeah... turns out its a "swingers" club and friday is ladies lingerie night. They even have "private rooms" with locks on the doors where you can go to have sex. I cant believe I was going to go there. I was going to take my dance partner from school too. I hope that wouldnt have given him the wrong impression... :)

I decided to get a credit card. Im a little nervous because I can get a little carried away with the spending... but I dont think I will use it much. I'll give myself like $100 limit or something!

Carrie has totally backed off at work. Thank god. I was about 2 seconds away from quitting. She seems a little intimidated by me now. Good. But then again who isnt intimidated by me?!? hehe.

Alicia I miss working with you. I need to go to the gym asap. We should go thrusday night. Maybe I actually will instead of just talking about it...
09:48pm 07/10/2003
  I decided what to go as for halloween.
Marilyn Monroe/ Breathless Mahoney. When I'm with Matt who is going as Dick Tracy I will be Breathless and when Im going solo I'll be Marilyn. I already asked of for work on Saturday cuz I dont want to get up. I will be so hung over. I cant wait for Halloween!!!

Not only that but I am going as a pirate for Felix's haunted house. There are about 10 million things I want to go as for Halloween and I managed to scratch three of them off my list. :)

I am getting my ass to the gym right now. I have been such a slacker lately. I am so excited to start selling stuff on ebay. I am going to be raking in the dough... thank god. Im averaging 6-7 hrs a week at work. Blah.
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12:23am 05/10/2003
  Poor Roy got attacked by the white tiger... :(

I went to see School of Rock with Lindsey tonight. No comment on the movie. Poor Lindsey. I dont think she will ever get over Brandon. She wants it to end so much that she is going to move to Flagstaff. Its that bad. I think that would be the best thing for her. But ill let her figure that out.

Ive had a good weekend. Matt and I are bonding :) We are going to watch Dick Tracy and hes making me dinner Sunday. I am glad. Let bygons be bygons is all I have to say. I had a great time at Eily and Ben's last night. I miss them.

Im out.
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09:38pm 02/10/2003
  I am really glad I am single. Im having a good time. I want to do something super super fun this weekend. but I dont know what. Ill probably hang out with Matt on Friday or something, I kinda want to see that movie Thirteen. Or maybe go to 4 peaks. hmmm.

Oh yeah that cute boy in my class asked me to go to a party with him on friday. I dont know if I will go. We'll see.......

what else. it feels like so much is going on but i cant think of anything to write about.

I miss my mom. Shes in cali with my aunts right now. Im glad she went though... she needs an all girl vacation. I dont know if I will ever be able to live far away from her. maybe I will take her with me when I move. Im in need of a mother/ daughter talk...

Im sorry to say this but Friends sucks now. The laughter stopped a long time ago. They have completely butchered the show and I wish they would just end it. sorry if I offended anyone :)
10:41am 02/10/2003
mood: amused
I kissed the cutest boy last night. Very random how we met too.

So we are at the Vine last night and leave to go get some bc and ff(bean and cheese burrite with french fries). We were so trashed and having a good old time. Im glad Aarik called me and just so everyone knows... the story about him slashing someone's tires is totally off. Go to the source!!! Anywho, we were sitting there chowing down, asking random people in the drive thru what they were ordering and how many people they have slept with (you know the usual). Hehe I love being drunk! Then these two guys walk up to the window and one of them had a 40 in his hand so I say "whats up 40?" and he tells me to shut up. Jenny stands up and starts yelling and cussing at him (hes a big guy like 270 i think he said). I seriously thought they were going to fight. So the other guy and are like "its cool... dont fight... blah blah blah" long story short they invite us back to their apartment (and we go of course they were hot!) but yeah. my guy was so incredibly cute and its not just the alcohol talking. I MUST get drunk more often!
10:46am 30/09/2003
  Life is good right now. I met a cute boy in my class. I want him to ask me out on a date. I havent been on a date in so long.

All of my classes are so great. I actually feel like Im giving school my all this semester which brings my stress level waaaay down. Now if I just make $100 more a week Ill be almost stress free. I need to start an Ebay business really bad. But that includes buying a new digital camera and buying 30+ items on ebay to gain good feedback. Sooo... I need to spend money I dont have to make money. Blah. What are you gonna do?

I talked to Jamie the other night. It was good talking to her I havent hung out with her in forever. It seems like I rarely hang out with that crew. I miss them!

I survived 8 hours of school yesterday and then went on a three mile spider/roach infested walk. But I still had fun. I am so glad I decided to take this dance class at ASU. It is so fun and I have met so many great people!
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12:04am 29/09/2003
mood: content
I have a crush on a cute boy... hmmmm. Im happy right now.
11:56pm 25/09/2003
mood: accomplished
I am so proud of muself. I studied for 12 hours straight today. And finished just in time for Conan. I better get a damn good grade and next time I swear I'll study earlier.

Im so jealous of Andy. He got to meet the one and only Billy Idol tonight. Not fair. If anyone deserves to meet him its that kid. Hes the biggest fan Ive ever met.

Im not so stressed about school anymore. Thank god. Im going to buy myself many drinks this weekend... I deserve it. Yay tomorrow is friday and Im going to hang out with Star!
11:12pm 21/09/2003
  I need a title for my film production screenplay. Ive been writing it all day. Im tired and sick and I dont want to go to school tomorrow. All I want to do is complain complain complain. Ive gone through three boxes of tissues today. Stupid cold. Poor little ellion.  
10:16am 21/09/2003
  Jenny, Mel and I are all going as sexy pirates for Halloween. I have to do something fun on Halloween. Does anyone know of any parties going on?  
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09:51am 21/09/2003
  I just found out that a guy I knew in highschool was sentenced to 30 years in prison for brutally raping a girl. Im glad he got what he deserved though. The less people we have like that in our world the better. Im just glad I never agreed to go out with him.

And here I am stressing over money and midterms... I need to remind myself that my problems are nothing compared to his or the poor girl he attacked.

I am so sick right now. I hate being sick. Poor Little Ellion.
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12:43am 18/09/2003
  I woke up from a phone call from my work this morning which I didnt answer becuase I thought it was Carrie calling to yell at me for something. So for about 5 minutes I sat there thinking about what I could have possibly done wrong. Did I take out the trash? Did I turn off the burners? Did I turn the A/C up? What did I do wrong? But luckily it turned out that it was Alicia seeing if I could come in for a few hours. I had a long day. I finally FINALLY told Isabel about what I think about Carrie. It was long overdue. But we are all going to sit down tomorrow and have a "talk". So wish me luck...

I have a huge crush on a boy named Gabriel McPherson. I am so lame. He was in this play I saw at Gammage last Sunday. I dont even know him. But he is so sex!

I watched Conan's 10th anniversary special the other night. It was fucking amazing. "I didnt tell her to lie under deposition. I told her to lie der in dat position!"
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Dating sucks   
11:47pm 12/09/2003
mood: cranky
Ok you dont have to listen if you don't want, but I need to vent a little.

First of all my teeth hurt.
Second of all I am sick and tired of dating boys. Not that I have really dated anyone lately, but going out with Justin and seeing EB brought back all sorts of horrible memories.

For example...
1. Waiting by the phone for hours... never letting it out of my sight for fear that I might miss his call.

2. Being fed lines like... Ive never met anyone like you, Im going to take you to (fill in the blank) someday, You complete me, blah blah blah,

not to mention the 'good vs. bad kirk cameron poster' line that Im sure you use on every girl who wanders in your room.

3. Trying to read him. Guys say we are hard to read??? I think it's pretty obvious what we are thinking but you are just too stupid to figure it out. Guys are impossible to read. One minute they tell you how much they are crazy about you and you are perfect for them and the next minute they tell you beer and bands come before you on their list. Fuck that! I am way more important than any band and especially more important than alcohol.

4. Trying to play their games. Dating is one huge game and the only person who is winning is the one who is least attached. So basically if you dont get attached you wont get hurt. Thats my two cents.

I am really sad about John Ritter passing away. What a sad thing to happen.
01:53am 12/09/2003
  im trying to pull my stitches out with my tongue.

I had fun tonight at Melissa's bday bash. We played some pool and danced to beat it in the applebees parking lot. People thought we were nuts.

saw the ex with his new gf. that was fun.

i think today goes down in history as the first day i got my homework done before midnight the day before it was due. I actually did it before i went to work! can you believe it? I am such a procrastinater. but im improving...

i love all of my classes...
Im taking film development with Little Pants. Its kinda fun. I get to write a screenplay all on my own. I decided to base it on the life of Jenny Arnold. Shes always doing something crazy.

I love Dirty Dancing its my favorite movie of all time.